Can a student take the testing device home during test taking?

Yes, if internet connectivity has not been lost during testing and/or before the student submits his/her test questions at the end of the test session. If a student has not submitted test questions to Questar, then the device should remain on the school site. 

 If a student has completed the test session and all answers have been submitted, then the student can manage his/her device as normal, taking the device home as the school/district may allow. This is a local decision. 

In the event that internet connection is lost during test taking, which results in test answers not being submitted to Questar, the testing device should remain at the school until test answers can be fully submitted to Questar via a reestablished internet connection. 

If a student has not submitted test answers on a day of testing where internet connection is lost, then the student must complete the test session on the same testing device once internet connectivity is available. 

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