How will I indicate students who refuse to take the state assessments on computers?

If you have students who choose not to take one of the Grades 3-8 ELA or math state exam, you will be able to indicate the refusal status on a student-by-student and session-by-session basis through the Nextera Admin test administration system. 

Once the Tests tab is available in Nextera Admin, users with access to the student/class data will be able to indicate the refusal status for students. 

You should not remove the student from the class on Nextera Admin but use the "refusal" testing code. 

There are two Refusal codes in the "Not Tested" code list: 

  • Refused session
  • Refused to take entire test

Please note that refusals are indicated on a session-by-session basis. Selecting "Refused to take entire test" on a session will not automatically update other sessions. This selection must be made on all test sessions for the student. The decision about which code to use can be determined on how data should be reported. 

You can find complete steps on how to set "Not Tested" Codes in Nextera Admin article on CBT Support.