1/13/17 Updates

CBT Weekly Call Notes, January 13, 2017


Today is the recommended date to have the following completed:

  • Add new users to Educator Portal
  • Activate User accounts in Educator Portal
  • Complete Required Teacher Training
  • Complete Security Agreements
  • Verify and correct Student enrollment data in Educator Portal
  • Create Rosters in Educator Portal connecting students to teachers
  • Complete First Contact Surveys in Educator Portal
  • Complete Access Profiles (also known as PNP) in Educator Portal

Users should complete this process as soon as possible.  The test administration window opens on March 20.

We have received CBTsupport inquiries from public schools concerned that they are not able to see their nonpublic CSE-placed NYSAA students in Educator Portal.  This is intentional and meant to protect the privacy of the nonpublic school students for whom the public school is not responsible.  Public schools can follow up with the nonpublic schools to ensure that the student is enrolled and in the roster for NYSAA testing.  Public schools may also email CBTsupport@nysed.gov with the NYSSIS ID of the student and we can confirm enrollment and roster setup for a nonpublic student.  As a reminder, please do not send PII (first name, last name, social security number) via CBTsupport.

Grades 3-8, ELA and Math

Tech Update:

  • There is a latency error with bandwidth on the Questar Readiness site. SED is working with Questar to resolve.
  • Issue regarding Mac operating systems (not iOS/iPads): the secure browser for download only goes up to v 10.11. If a district has already downloaded and installed 10.11 or older and then upgraded to 10.12, it will work fine.  If operating 10.11 or older, also fine.  For a fresh install of v 10.12 Sierra operating system, additional steps must be taken for the installation to be complete.  These steps will be posted on CBTsupport.nysed.gov. 

General Update:

The first week of roadshows is complete.  Next week, we will visit SCRIC, Lower Hudson, NYC and Suffolk. 

10 new FAQs are listed on CBTsupport, as a result of the first week of Roadshows.

Timeline and details about Questar system and production dates are forthcoming.

Review of Tech Readiness and Lead Scoring Entities will be completed soon.

ScorePoint training session locations will be announced soon for the week of March 6-10. 

The statewide webinar of the roadshow is scheduled for January 30.  We will message information via the listservs and CBTsupport. (The session recording is available here: http://bit.ly/2kocDXB.)

Please note: Nextera Admin has opened early for CBT Tech Readiness purposes only.  Please to not use setup and user creation features until March.

We will send out lists of schools signed up for operational testing who have completed tech readiness to individual RIC coordinators within the next several days. Please check with your RIC if you have questions about CBT or your Lead Scoring Entity.