Text-To-Speech (TTS) now available in online Question Sampler

The Text-To-Speech (TTS) functionality that reads the computer-based test to a student from the Nextera Test Delivery System is now available for review in the publicly available Question Sampler: https://ny.nextera.questarai.com/tds/#practice.

The current TTS functionality for review is available for Math Grades 4 and 7. Additional grade levels for Math as well as all grade levels for ELA will be available in the practice tests from the Nextera Secure Browser (March 6th). 

Please note that you must use the Chrome browser when accessing practice tests within the Question Sampler. 

Steps to Review TTS in the Question Sampler: 

  1. From a Chrome browser, navigate to https://ny.nextera.questarai.com/tds/#practice.
  2. Select "Math" and select "Grade 4 TTS" or "Grade 7 TTS."
  3. Click "Start Test."
  4. On the "Select Accommodations" screen, click "Continue." 
  5. You will see the TTS player pop-up on the bottom right of the screen. 
  6. Note that the TTS player can be moved around on the screen.


Send any questions to cbtsupport@nysed.gov.