CBT Timeline: Significant Events, 2016-17

The CBT timeline identifies significant dates, such as for training and software system availability, so that our operational and field testing schools can have an at-a-glance view of the events involved in CBT administration. 



  • Update: 4/24/17: Added the Lessons Learned Webinar, 4/26.
  • Update: 4/11/17: The Nextera Admin open date for Math student/class data is delayed by one day until Tuesday, April 11th.
    • This delay is to allow for an additional day for schools to update "Not Tested" Codes for the CBT ELA administration and to download student testing status reports. 
  • Update: 4/10/17: The additional Math Practice Tests are available in the Nextera Secure Browser.
    • This release was not impacted by the one-day delay to Nextera Admin opening for Math student/class data.
  • Update 3/3/17: Added the ScorePoint system open date for when Scoring Directors can begin setting up scoring.