2/24/17 Updates

CBT Weekly Call, 2/24/17


  • General Reminder that Testing Window Opens March 20th and that all information in Educator Portal should be reviewed and verified for accuracy.
  • Make sure Kite Client 3.0 has been downlaoded
  • In reference to KITE Client, DLM is recommending that districts disable the Chromebook’s auto-update feature and set the “at most” version. After the testing window has closed, districts will want to re-enable the auto-update feature. Additional information will be posted this afternoon (2/24) on cbtsupport under the Announcements section.
  • ITI window closes 2/28
  • Materials list is posted on DLM’s Educator Resource Page and will be posted on CBT and OSA web page
  • Reminder that there is no data lockdown. Changes can be made throughout the testing window. Once the testing window opens, testlets will become available the following day if changes are made.


Grades 3-8 ELA and Math