2/17/17 Updates

CBT Call Notes - February 17, 2017



  • All students; users; teachers, etc. doing the training should have their information done & in the educator portal. Data should be reviewed for accuracy. The test window will open on March 20th.  We are hopeful things are and will be going smoothly.
  • There will be a monitoring extract tutorial in the educator portal. A link will be posted shortly. Please note that this is a 30-minute delay when doing the tutorial.
  • What may happen during the test administration? If you make changes to the student’s information, in the educator portal, the changes won’t be reflected immediately. The changes will show at the beginning of the next day.
  • Test reset – could take up to 72 hours. If you need a test reset, please contact CBTSUPPORT.
  • There will be a new field that lets your monitor test progress – called “Test Progress”. Information will be posted as to where to look
  • Field tests – there is an identifier, in the test progress field, as NA – the NA will appear by default. Not every student will be doing this – updates will be posted on CBTSUPPORT for further clarification.

Grades 3 – 8 CBT

  1. Today is the operational CBT Math deadline! Be sure your data is flowing to L2.
  2. There have been quite a few updates to CBT Support this week – below are a few:
    • Proctor Training Webinar is posted under “Resources”
      • The focus for this proctor training is operational CBT, but all are welcome
      • There will be another field-testing proctor training webinar closer to field testing in May.
    • Nextera Admin “open” dates are posted under “Announcements”
    • ScorePoint Training Session (Roadshow) locations are posted in an FAQ
      • The RICs/L1s that are hosting the roadshows are distributing registration URLs
    • Other FAQs have been posted
  3. Nextera Admin “Open” Dates:

2017 Nextera Admin Operational CBT Open Dates:

  • Operational ELA: March 6
  • Operational Math: April 10
  • Field Testing on Computers: May 8
  1. Question: How will the new/additional Practice Tests be available on March 6th:
    • They will be available only in the Nextera Secure Browser that can be downloaded and installed on CBT devices from Nextera Admin
    • For those schools that already have the Nextera Secure Browser installed on devices from last year’s field testing, the tests will be available automatically (without additional installation) available in the Secure Browser, but you will need the Practice Test login credentials.
    • Practice Test login credentials will be available on March 6th in a PDF from the “Help” tab in Nextera Admin.
    • Practice Test answers/data does not “flow” anywhere. It is not sent to Questar.
  2. We will be posting registration for the statewide ScorePoint training session in the next week or two; tentatively March 17th.
    • As a reminder: all webinars will be recorded & posted on CBT Support. You can always watch and/or listen at your leisure.
  3. No more changes can be made to CBT/PBT field testing format. The field testing assignments are being developed now between Questar and NYSED.
  4. Finally, on Monday or Tuesday, we hope to notify the field that Text-to-Speech is available in the publicly available “. (We will distribute information via the Listservs and CBT Support.)