Proctor Training Webinar, 2016-17: Q&A

The below table provides the questions with answers that were asked by participants during the Proctor Training Webinar on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. We have tried to offer additional guidance from NYSED where we think it may be helpful. 

 The video of the Proctor Training webinar can be found in "Resources" on CBT Support.

Question Answer Additional NYSED Comment
Do teachers have to enter special needs accommodations like read aloud or will that be the site or district coordinators job? Who has access to Nextera Admin to set accommodations is a local decision. The district test coordinator and the teachers should work together to determine who is setting accommodations.
Will there be paper instructions, similar to the paper-based tests, that lead students taking the CBT through the verification of student information? Yes, there will be teacher directions provided in the materials sent to schools from Questar, and they will be posted on the OSA webpage.  OSA = Office of State Assessment
Will these questions and answers also be posted in conjunction with the recording of the webinar?  Yes, an FAQ will be posted.  This is the posted FAQ! 
How are we addressing third grade students who have typing issues?  Can you write on paper and type later? Since keyboarding skills are addressed in the NY State Standards beginning with Grade 3, students should be typing in their own answers. Hopefully, schools took this into consideration when/if ordering for Grade 3 CBT. 

For more information, visit the Common Core Learning Standards W.3.6.

What if a student hits submits accidentally and has five questions left? The "Are you sure" screen that displays after a student hits "Submit" will indicate to the student, "you have five unanswered questions." The students should be instructed to review that pop-up closely to protect from hitting Submit when some questions are still unanswered.    NYSED cannot unlock submitted tests. Please see the can we unlock submitted tests FAQ for more information. 
Is there a new ticket for each session? There is a new/different Session Access Code for each test session.  The session access code is available on Nextera Admin on the Tests tab for each class. 
I was just listening to Text to Speech in the grade 4 math sample - the 1.0 is too fast and the .5 is too slow - will be be a .8? No, not this year. The Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality is developmentally complete.  Please make sure you are practicing with students in the classroom for TTS. The CSE should determine the best format for delivering the Test Read accommodation (paper or computer). 
If I had a Nextera Admin. account for a field test last year, will it still work this year? No. We removed user accounts from last year. And loaded fresh data for operational ELA and Math.    The DTC can create new user accounts. Please contact your DTC. (DTC = District Test Coordinator.)
 The link provided earlier: takes you to to the CBT Timeline.pdf.  This item is not opening and today at this time, is timing out.  Any advice?  I'm trying another browser. The correct CBT Timeline is available now on CBT Support in CBT Resources.  
Which grade levels will have access to calculators? Calculators are available per grade as they have been in past years. Grades 6 - 8 math sessions 2 and 3 only.  Consult the School Administrator's Manual or the Test Administrator's Handbook for specifics. 
When will the tickets be up and ready to be printed?   We are asking that schools wait until the day before the operational tests to print login tickets.   Access codes are distributed to the testing locations with the testing materials packets.
How far ahead of test administration can accommodations be entered via Nextera Admin?  Also, who would be expected to enter this data?  How would accommodation data be communicated to the person entering the data?     The CSE should work with teachers and district test coordinators to communicate accommodation information about a student. The "how" and "who enters" can be determined locally. Test accommodations can be set up on a student-by-student basis as soon as the student/class information is available in Nextera Admin.   The Nextera Admin "open" dates will be available soon.
Will there be a parent informational letter or brochure published soon to inform parents about operational testing with computers? We have developed a parent brochure with important CBT information; however, this is still in review among various groups at NYSED.   
Is scrap paper allowed for students to plan their work for ELA? Scratch paper is allowed for students taking operational CBT, both ELA and Math. Update: NYSED has determined that one piece of unlined paper and one piece of graph paper can be distributed to CBT Math students. This information will be included in the School Administrator's Manual and the Teacher Directions. 
What are the students who submit allowed to do while waiting for the rest of the class to finish? The same process should be followed as with paper-based testing.   
What would scribing look like in this format? For Text-to-Speech with use of a scribe, the scribe will type for the student once the student has approved the written response. The scribe should write the response on scratch paper for the student to review as a first step.  We have advised some schools to consider that the delivery of an accommodation in CBT should match the student's daily instruction experience.  
How do you do the mouse features for test read for an iPad? For the TTS tool, the iPad touch features work.  To get the "play from here" (which is a right click with a mouse) the user presses and holds on the screen.  
If a student has the testing accommodation of SCRIBE on his IEP, how is that handled with computer based testing?

There will be instructions in the SAM for scribes.

For Text-to-Speech with use of a scribe, the scribe will type for the student once the student has approved the written response. The scribe should write the response on scratch paper for the student to review as a first step. 

Do you foresee any last minute updates to the Nextera secure browser?  We have too many devices to update after installation. We do not anticipate any updates to the secure browser for Spring 2017 test administration.  
Do the teacher directions in the guide match the directions that the students read on the screen? Yes, they will match.   
Is it possible to have students stop at the Review and Submit screen for proctors to make sure they have answered all questions? This is a decision that can be made locally regarding whether or not this is part of the Proctor's responsibility.   
Are there unique modifications for SPED students? There are a variety of student testing accommodations available in Nextera Admin.  Please send an email to CBT Support if you would like more specific information. Please note the accommodation you are researching. 
Does Nextera and the Proctor's Examination View work on an iPad so a proctor can move about the room? Yes. Note that Nextera Admin only works in Chrome, so you should access Nextera Admin on an iPad through the Chrome App.
Will the questions be randomly sorted or will it be the same test? The test questions are the same on each test. The Field test questions on different forms will vary. There are 14 Math forms and 16 ELA forms. 
If the proctor PIN is compromised, can it be reset by the DTC? Yes. You can click on the proctor PIN, change it, and click save. Be sure to advise all Proctor's if the Proctor PIN is changed. A student who pauses the test can only re-access to the test with help from the Proctor who will enter the Proctor PIN. 
If a student remains idle, will time sign them out? There is no time out set in Nextera. However, please be sure to work with your Technology Coordinator to make sure that things like screen savers are turned off.  If something else (like a screen saver) tries to run because the student hasn't pressed a button or moved the mouse in a while, the system may think another program is trying to turn on, and it will log out. Important! Screen savers must be disabled on CBT testing devices for the day of testing! 
If the student submits without completing questions, can we restart the test?

You will have to call NYSED about unlocking submitted tests. We have the following information in an FAQ: Test Coordinators cannot unlock a submitted test on Nextera Admin.  A student is asked multiple times to confirm that he/she is ready to submit a test on the Nextera Test Delivery System, but, if, by chance, a student continues to click "Submit" and this is a mistake, then the school must contact NYSED.  NYSED will review the situation and advise further.

Proctors should help to advise students about submitting tests.

More information is available in an Can we unlock the submitted test FAQ on CBT Support. 
Do the student tickets change every day or is the same information there for all sessions?

No, the students use the same username (NYSSIS ID) and password for both sessions, but the access codes are different for each session. 

We have a white screen, what do we do?

We are continuing to answer questions but the webex is finished. An FAQ will be posted.

Will these Q & A's be posted along with this webinar on the CBT Support website?

Yes, we will work to post an FAQ.

You are reading the posted FAQ now! 
Has the School Administrators Manual (SAM) been released for CBT at this point in time?

The SAM is not available yet, but it will be available very soon.

When will the Proctor Pin and Access Codes be posted on the home page? Access codes and PINs will be available close to the testing window.  
For the text-to-speech accommodation, it was mentioned that proctors should know which parts are read to the student and which are not.  Will there be guidance sent out about the details of this, as it was also recommended that students wear headphones. If a proctoring TTS, the proctor should have taken a practice test to review Text-to-Speech to find that only the forms and directions are read to the student (and the Math reference sheet, if available for a test session).   
Can students use graph paper as scrap paper during the math exam?  This will be clarified in the CBT Teacher Directions, which will be available soon.  Update: NYSED has determined that one piece of unlined paper and one piece of graph paper can be distributed to CBT Math students. This information will be included in the School Administrator's Manual and the Teacher Directions.
When will teachers get their Nextera Logins? The open dates are posted under Announcements on CBT Support.

An updated open dates for the Nextera Administration system will be posted in Announcements soon.

Will this presentation be available to view again later? Yes, this will be posted on CBT Support. The Proctor Training Webinar video can be found on CBT Support. 
Can the "directions" be read to the whole group? We have younger students and I think they will just click through. Yes, there will be directions that are read to all students. Yes, you can read the "Directions" that explain how to use the Nextera test tools to students. 
What is the student ID? Name, NYSSIS ID, Local ID? NYSSIS ID.  
How do we get the Nextera Admin account if we are doing field tests? We are opening Nextera Admin for May 8th.  You can find "open dates" in the Announcements section on CBT support.  On the day that Nextera is scheduled to open for a test group (ELA, Math, or field tests), the "Welcome to Nextera" emails will be sent to District Test Coordinators (DTCs). 
Do they need their login for the sample tests in the Nextera browser?  No, logins are not required for the practice tests.  No login is needed for the publicly available Question Sampler; however, there will be logins posted in Nextera Admin for the additional practice tests that will be available on March 13th. The password will always be "practice" for any practice tests. 
Do teachers enter in accommodations or is that the job of the site or district coordinator? Under the user roles it does not list this. The "who" and "how" is determined locally for setting up student test accommodations in Nextera Admin.   
Can a proctor read a question in lieu of the text to speech where authorized? A school should determine whether the computer TTS or a human reader is used based on the needs of the student. Use of the Question Sampler or Practice Tests with the students can assist in determining the best way to deliver the Test Read accommodation to a student.  A proctor should not read Text-to-Speech test questions if a student is set up for the Nextera TTS functionality. 
If students have "tests read" on their IEP do they have to use Text to Speech or can we have the teachers read the test to them? A school should determine whether the computer TTS or a human reader is used based on the needs of the student. Use of the Question Sampler or Practice Tests with the students can assist in determining the best way to deliver the Test Read accommodation to a student.   
When will the testing materials be ready? Are math reference sheets being sent to schools or printed locally at the school?

Math Reference Sheets will be printed and shipped to CBT schools by Questar.

What do we submit for students who "opt out of testing"?  How do we record this? There will be "not tested" codes in Nextera  Admin. Test refusal will be one of the codes that can be entered for a student.   A CBT test refusal means the student did not log into the Nextera Test Delivery System for a session. 
 How should students show the work for long division or 2 digit times 2 digit multiplication?  Please review the Question Sampler (link is in "Quick Links" on CBT Support) to see the Equation Editor.  Typically, the last 2-3 questions for a math grade level will have the Equation Editor in the Question Sampler.  The Question Sampler is publicly available. 
Do the teacher directions match the student directions they read on the screen?


Is the link that the Question Sampler is on, the same Question Sampler we are giving the students? Yes, students can try out the tools in an environment very similar to the actual testing system by going to the Question Sampler. Additional practice tests will be released within the Nextera Secure Browser on March 13th.
What is the maximum number of students in a testing area? This is locally determined.  Please see the School Administrator's Manual for recommendations on setting up testing areas.  
 Do we need an external keyboard if they are using a laptop?  The keyboard on the laptop is sufficient.  External keyboards are required for iPads.
Our screen went white? What do we do? The presentation is complete. NYSED is answering questions, so if you would like to stay, please feel free. Otherwise please feel free to visit CBT Support.  
 Does a student have to indicate test refusal online?  Students will not indicate test refusal online.  An administrator at the school will enter a not tested code to indicate the student refused to access and take the CBT test.  
I typed this question, but it is grayed out. When the Proctor pin is typed in, will it show the characters or will it show as asterisks?* The Proctor PIN is visible on screen and not hidden.  We recommend a best practice of changing the Proctor PIN with every test session or at least daily. 
How do students show their work on the Math CBT? There is an Equation Editor.  Please see the Question Sampler online, available from "Quick Links" on CBT support.  
I just want to clarify that teachers will be able to see that proctoring screen.... As long as you have access to Nextera Admin (as given to you by your DTC), or the DTC or STC follows the steps to set you up with the Examiner view, you will have access. Teachers and Proctors need to work closely with the DTC regarding roles and responsibilities for testing day.
Are mice required? We don't believe they are. Mice are not required but are suggested. External keyboards are required.  
 Will the appropriate students that are selected for field test be added?  Yes, we are loading them by the field testing assignment.  You should work with your L1 to make sure your data is loaded. Field testing data is due to Level 2 by March 17th. 
Are there multiple sites - Admin access vs. Teacher access on one site or two different sites?    
If a student has already submitted can we go back and have them refinish any incomplete questions?

Once a test is submitted, it cannot be unlocked by the DTC or by NYSED. 

Some schools are requiring students to notify the proctor to review the CBT test prior to the student's final "Submit." 

When will the Nextera Admin be up and running?  Students and classes do not appear yet. For ELA, Nextera Admin will be available on March 6th. The CBT Timeline: Significant Events is available on CBT Support in CBT Resources.

Nextera Admin is already open due to DTCs and Principals requirement to verify Tech Readiness. 

When Nextera Admin "opens" on March 6th, this means that class/student data will be loaded and available. 

Do all these features work on iPads? Yes, the TTS features work on the iPad.  We encourage students to practice with iPads using the Practice forms that will be available soon. Additional practice tests will be available March 13th.
So what about new entrants that show up the day of the test and don't have a NYS ID#.  Should we give them a paper test? This can be a local decision.  The school can test the new student on paper or they can contact NYSED to obtain a Fast-Track NYSSIS ID.  The district test coordinator should manage this for the school.  
Can students press the back button? Yes, students can move forward and back within the current session. Students will not be able to revisit sessions that have been submitted. There are two features for moving forward and backward within the Nextera Test Delivery System: arrow buttons to navigate from question to question as well as "jump to" navigation from the Review Screen to jump directly to a test question. 
Will the practice test allow for student login? No. The usernames and passwords are all the same for a practice test. The password is always "practice" on a practice test.  
You mentioned 3 practice tests being available through the secure browser.  When will they be available and how do we access them? March 13th.  The logins will be posted on Nextera Admin under the Help tab. The practice tests were previously scheduled to be released on March 6th. This date has changed by one week. 
Are the Access Codes class (test group) or Session (day) specific? The access codes are different per class, per content, per session.  For example: Class A ELA Session 1 will be 1234, Class A ELA Session 2 will be 5678, Class A Session 3 will be 9012.  
What if a student clicks through all of the questions very quickly and they obviously didn't read the questions/answers. Is there a system catch that says you completed the exam too quickly and do they get to take it again, or does their exam stand?

Their test "stands." There is always the option to review unanswered test questions from the "Review & Submit" screen. 

A student who has left unanswered questions will be advised of that with a message on the "Are you sure" Submit screen (i.e., you have six unanswered questions, are you sure you want to Submit?" 

Are Proctor pins the same for the entire administration, or do they change by session?

This is a local decision. Proctor PINs can be reset by the DTC. 

A best practice is to change the Proctor PIN for every test session or daily. 

Can IT Staff deploy the kiosk Chromebook app yet? Yes, if they have access to Nextera Admin already, they can find the link to the Chromebook install App on Nextera Admin. (Schools that verified Tech Readiness already have access to Nextera Admin.) Note that we heard from one district that there was a 5-10 minute delay before deployment started. Be patient! It's working! 
How will the students be added for the field test?   Your Level 1 will load student/class data based on the field testing assignment. Check with your L1 to make sure all your data is in proper order.  Field testing CBT data is due to Level 2 by March 17th. 
Do teachers have access to print the labels or is that a function of the Admin or Site coordinator? That will be a local decision. If you, as a teacher, have access to Nextera Admin, you can print the login tickets. Student login credentials can be viewed and printed from the Tests tab in Nextera Admin for every class. 
Are all the tools available on tablets/iPads? Yes, all tools will be available on iPads.  
If the proctor sees the student submitted the test, yet had unanswered questions, can the proctor unsubmit? Proctors cannot unlock submitted tests for students.   
If you give a teacher access to Nextera Admin can it be limited to just seeing their class or do they see the whole school or district classes? It will be limited to the teacher's class(es).  Teachers will only see the classes and students to which they are assigned.  
On CBT, how, if at all, do we record if a student refused to test? I want to be sure they aren't recorded as a zero if anyone refuses. That will be recorded through Nextera Admin through use of a "not tested" code for "refusal."  The test codes are the same on CBT as they are in the paper tests. 
How do we use the right click on the mouse if we are on iPads? Tap and hold--the functionality will display.   
What, if anything, can a proctor or student do if they notice they accidentally submitted the incomplete test with blanks? Here is the information we provide in an FAQ about submitted / unsubmitting a submitted test: Test Coordinators cannot unlock a submitted test on Nextera Admin.  A student is asked multiple times to confirm that he/she is ready to submit a test on the Nextera Test Delivery System, but, if, by chance, a student continues to click "Submit" and this is a mistake, then the school must contact NYSED.  NYSED will review the situation and advise further.

Proctors should help to advise students about submitting tests.

If a student does not finish a test in a day (either because they keep going and it is untimed, or because they got sick and left) should they finish the test on the next day or continue on their class' schedule and finish on a make-up day: A student should finish the exam during the normal school day.  If a student becomes ill and has to leave school, they can continue until the make-up window is closed. All tests, including CBT, remain untimed in NYS. 
Is there a maximum time that a pause can be? No. No time lengths on pause.  Consider that a student could get sick and need to pause the test to resume the next day (this assumes a speedy recovery). The student responses are cached and sent to Questar every 60 seconds (via the "heartbeat").  The student must still re-access to "submit" the test as final. The school may want to student to finish the test session in during the makeup window.
I pushed out the Questar kiosk app on Chromebooks but do not see it listed under "apps" on login screen. Do you have to do anything (like activate) on your end?  Last year we had success with deploying the Questar kiosk app. Let us investigate and we will respond to you personally. Update: The app deployed within 5-10 minutes. (The user followed up with NYSED to let us know after the Proctor Webinar completed. 


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