Grades 3-8 ELA and Math, Nextera Admin and ELA Practice Tests, 3/6/17

There are two updates for Nextera functionality today, 3/6/17: 

  • Nextera Admin Student/Class Data: The student and class data that is being loaded as part of the Pre-Id file at Questar is delayed by one day. They are loading the data today and will populate it this afternoon/evening so that District Test Coordinators can start logging into Nextera Admin to see classes/students and also activate teacher accounts (which are also loaded as part of the Pre-Id file data process).  
  • ELA Practice Tests: The ELA practice tests that were scheduled to be released today in the Nextera Secure Browser are delayed until Friday, March 10th. We apologize for the delay and are working with the vendor (Questar) to ensure the March 10th release of the additional practice tests. Reminder: the additional practice tests will include two new forms for each subject/grade level as well as additional forms for accommodations.

We will continue to provide information to our RICS/BOCES/Districts/Schools through the Listserv and post here (in announcements) on CBT Support.