What happened to my Nextera Admin account from SAFT CBT last year?

If you had a Nextera Admin user account last year during stand-alone field testing (SAFT) on computers and you find that you cannot log in this year (such as, the system does not recognize your email address as being associated to a valid account), it may be due to the fact that we removed user accounts from Nextera Admin from last year's test administration.

All user accounts from last year’s CBT administration have been removed from the Nextera Admin system to start fresh with the operational CBT administration this year.

Certain user roles/accounts, such as the District Test Coordinator (DTC) were populated into Nextera Admin based on SEDREF or enrollment data, including test coordinators, principals, and superintendents. 

Some user roles for administration will need to be created in Nextera Admin for the new CBT administration. Questar Customer Support will send account activation to the new CBT SAFT principals and DTCs closer to the SAFT administration window in May.

If you find that Nextera Admin is not recognizing your email address or login, please contact the Questar Support Desk for next steps. The Questar Support Desk team can help you with contact information for your DTC. Only the DTC can create new accounts for operational CBT administration and access to Nextera Admin. (If you know your District Test Coordinator (DTC), you can contact the DTC directly to have a new account created for this year's operational CBT administration).

Questar Customer Support
Phone: 866-997-0695
Questar Customer Support Email

Please note: The BEDS code is the unique identifier that you should use for communicating with helpdesks. 

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