Information for District Test Coordinators on Data Cleanup

This year, the DLM alternate assessment will not have a data lockdown. Therefore, no data cleanup deadlines are being imposed. However, to ensure a smooth testing experience, we need your help in verifying that your district’s data is correct in Educator Portal. This will allow KITE Client to deliver the correct testlets to your students and ensure accurate Individual Student Score Reports are generated. Data cleanup should be completed by March 17, 2017. The spring assessment window for New York will open on March 20, 2017 and close on June 2, 2017.

To help with data cleanup, you should generate data extracts from the reports menu in Educator Portal. Then compare the data in those reports with the data in your local student information system. Ask the educator who is responsible for the Access Profile and the First Contact Survey for each student to go into Educator Portal and confirm that each student’s survey is submitted and in completed status. More details for all five areas are below:

  1. Download Current User Data Extract: Verify that the spelling of each teacher’s name is correct, that the teacher’s first & last name is in the correct field, that the e-mail address is correct. Ensure that each educator with the role of teacher has an educator identifier. Edit and update as needed.


  1. Download Current Enrollment Data Extract: Verify grade, subject, and school. If a student is listed/enrolled in multiple schools, confirm this is needed or correct the data.


  1. Download Roster Data Extract: Verify that students are listed on the correct roster for each subject (ELA, M, SCI, or SS only). Ensure that no courses are listed in column L in the roster extract.


  1. Download Accessibility Profile Data Extract: Verify settings, e.g., check column AK to ensure braille is marked only for students who will be taking testlets in braille. Check column BS for Alternate Form – Visual Impairment to ensure only students who have a visual impairment have this support selected. Also, check columns M through AD to make sure only appropriate display settings have been selected.


  1. View students’ First Contact surveys: Verify the survey is submitted and complete.