How to Set Not Tested Codes

Nextera Admin allows test coordinators to set Not Tested Codes on a student-by-student and session-by-session basis from the "Testing Status Details" page. Not Tested Codes must be set for students who are enrolled in a CBT grade level. 

You can find steps for setting Not Tested Codes in the attached quick reference guide. The ability for schools to set Not Tested Codes is available as soon as students are loaded to Nextera Admin. The following list of Not Tested Codes are available to be set for students for CBT:

1. Absent for session
2. Administrative error, no score
3. First-year ELL student (ELA only)
4. Medically excused
5. Not enrolled at time of test
6. Refused session
7. Taking NYSSA
8. Taking Regents (Math and Science)
9. Testing on Paper*

*The “Testing on Paper” Not Tested Code is exclusive to CBT and can only be set in Nextera
Admin. Schools will use this code for students available in Nextera Admin, who pursuant to an
Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Accommodation Plan (504 Plan), will be
testing on paper, or for the Mathematics Tests, for English Language Learners (ELLs) and
Former ELLs for which an alternate language CBT edition is not available from the Department


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