Documentation: How to Update Teacher Accounts in Nextera Admin

11/22/19: Documentation updated for the 2019-20 administration.

Placeholder teacher accounts are created as part of the Pre-ID important to Nextera Admin.  All test coordinators should click on "View" for an account to confirm a valid email address is available for the account prior to clicking "Activate" for the account. (Clicking "Activate" will send the "Welcome to Nextera" email to the user with login credentials for accessing Nextera Admin.)

Teacher accounts where an email address was not imported as part of the Pre-ID data process will have the following issues:

  • No email address imported for the teacher
    • Thus, the teacher will not receive an email when a test coordinator clicks the “Activate” link to send login credentials to the teacher
  • Username is “unfriendly”: BEDS Code + FN/LN
    • Example Username: 030501040000HEATHERNEWBERRY
    • The account username cannot be edited in Nextera Admin

Attached are steps for two ways to update a teacher account to correct these issues. 

Download Presentation:

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