Can students use scratch paper when taking the CBT exams?

Yes. Schools that will be administering CBT should prepare to furnish scratch paper to their students for use when taking the tests. At the start of each test session the proctor should hand out scratch paper to each student testing on computers.

CBT ELA and Science: each student should be given one sheet of lined paper, such as loose leaf paper.

CBT Math: each student should be given two sheets of scratch paper: one sheet of lined or plain paper and one sheet of graph paper.

In addition, for all test sessions, the proctor should have on hand a further supply of scratch paper to provide to students who during the test session request additional sheets.

Students testing with CBT should also be advised that any work done on this scratch paper will not be counted. The scratch paper distributed to students testing with CBT must be collected at the end of the session whether used or unused. Important Note: Scratch paper is considered secure material and must be collected and securely destroyed after testing. 

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