Known Issue: Question-Total mismatch for status on Review Screen

Possible Solution: On 3/28, Questar Field Agents visited two schools that experienced this issue. The devices were shut down and rebooted to resolve the mismatched question-total issue for students. 

  • If additional schools experience this issue, please have the student continue to complete the test and then review with the Proctor that the student has indeed answered all test questions within the test.
    • Next, after a few minutes to assure that all test answers have been transmitted to Questar via the 60-second "heartbeat," have the student exit the Nextera Secure Browser.
    • Reboot the testing device. 
    • Once the computer is rebooted, the student can log back into the device and Secure Browser; the question-totals should be corrected/accurate on the top of the test and on the Review screen.
  • We will reach out to any other schools that have reported this issue to assist with resolving the issue.

Monday, March 27:Despite completing all questions on a test  form/in a test session, some students may see that they have not completed THREE questions in the total number of test questions noted on the Review screen. In these instances, the first three "pages" of the test that include the Cover, Source, and Tips are being counted with the total on the Review Screen. Additionally, this issue is causing a discrepancy in the actual test question numbering. An example is that the student will see 35 out of 38 test questions have been answered where there are only 35 questions in total. 

All student test answers are being verified and captured by Questar. 

Schools that encounter this issue should have the student and/or Proctor review that answers have indeed been completed for each test question before submitting the test.