Known Issue FIXED: Refusals should be marked for students on the "Not Testing" Codes feature

Update 4/18/17: The confusion with two different functionalities having the same label name of "Not Testing" has been fixed on Nextera Admin. The Student>Class>Edit feature that is used to remove a student from a testing class on Nextera Admin is now labeled "Unassigned." 

We want to remind all districts and schools that student test refusals should be indicated for a student on a session-by-session basis from the "Not Testing" Codes" feature on the Tests tab. To mark refusals, you should take this path in Nextera Admin: Tests > View a teacher's class to see a list of students in that test > click the "Set" link under Session Status Codes > click "Not Testing" for "Scoring Option" > select code from "Not Testing" drop-down menu.

We have discovered that some administrators have used the "Class" selector on the Student > View > Student Edit page to mark the student as "Not Testing." We understand how this can be confusing due to use of the same wording on both menus. However, the Student > Class "Not Testing" feature is a tool for moving a student from one class to another or from one school/district to another. Selecting "Not Testing" from the Student > Class feature unassigns the student from one class so that a student can be moved to another class. 

If you have used the wrong feature on Nextera Admin to mark refusals, you have until the end of the testing window to update this indication. This will help us and you with reporting accurate data for your schools.

For marking Refusals, you should see the following menu on Nextera Admin: 


Please do not use the feature without the Not Tested codes menu on the Student > Class feature: 


Complete steps with screen shots on how to set Not Tested codes can be found in the following article in CBT Support Resources:  

NOTE: Refusals and absences need to be marked on a session-by-session basis. A student can refuse or be absent from individual test sessions without refusing or being absent from the entire test/all three test sessions.