Registration Closed: CBT Lessons Learned Webinar, Wednesday, April 26th (9am-10am)

Access to the presentation slides from this webinar can be found in Resources on CBT Support:

Wednesday, April 26, 9:00am to 10:00am

Registration for the CBT Lessons Learned from the CBT ELA administration Webinar for the upcoming Math Administration is now open: Schools that are participating in operational computer-based testing (CBT) ELA and/or Math can attend, but the focus is on providing Lessons Learned from the recent CBT ELA administration to help our CBT Math schools to be better prepared. We will provide tech tips and CBT best practices that can help your school achieve a smooth CBT administration for math. 

This webinar will be recorded and available on CBT Support within 48 hours after the webinar session. 

Registration is a two-step process that requires attendees to register to receive the Go To Webinar link for attending the session on the day of 4/26 If you are viewing the webinar with others in a group, it is not necessary for everyone to register—please register once for a location and organize attendance at your location. The session will be recorded and posted in Resources on CBT Support. 

The target audience for this presentation are principals and test coordinators who will be proctoring the 3-8 Math computer-based tests that begin on Monday, May 1, 2017.