4/7/17 Updates


  • This week proved to be challenging with both ELA and Match testing. There was increased usage, which put a lot of extra pressure on the system.
  • We emailed the school administrators yesterday and advised them that the Educator Portal and KITE were not functioning properly and that they were on yellow status, so no testing was to done until the light had turned green.
  • A phone conference with DLM was held to discuss this issue. They addressed our concerns and as of 6:00 last night, the status had gone back to green, to testing can begin again.
  • If you run into any issues, you can send a message to dynamiclearningmaps.org/KITE and there is also a link on the NYS homepage.
  • We will be posting something on CBTSupport to let people know they can begin to test again.
  • Additionally, if a test screen freezes or other technical issues arise, please contact both DLM and CBTSupport and provide the NYSSIS ID when doing so. Please remember do NOT send any of the student’s personal information via email.


ELA 3 – 8

  1. Operational CBT for English Language Arts completed yesterday.
    1. All test sessions are now closed and unavailable in the Nextera Secure Browser.
  2. Schools need to review student testing status and update Not Tested codes by EOD Monday, April 10th
    1. Note the Known Issue for Not Tested codes: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115001603643
  • The Math practice tests will be available in the Nextera Secure Browser on Tuesday, April 11th.
    1. We will advise on CBT Support and via the CBT Listserv for logins
      1. (Note: they will have the same format as with ELA, such as math03 / practice)
    2. Math Pre-ID data (class and student data) will be loaded and available in Nextera Admin on Tuesday, April 11th
      1. This is a one-day delay due to the need for schools to update the Not Tested codes.
      2. When Math data is available in Nextera Admin, we will begin again with setting student testing accommodations, organizing students into classes (if needed), setting up new users, and activating teacher accounts.
    3. Scoring is ongoing at nearly ten different scoring consortia this week.
      1. Scoring runs through April 21st.
    4. We are starting CBT feedback sessions with the RICs as our first step into gathering more details about the CBT ELA experience.
      1. We’ll also plan to meet with schools or school districts at some point.