4/14/17 Updates


The performance issues that schools were experiencing last week have been fixed and there have been no additional performance issues. We are presently on pace with last years with number of students tested and the number of testlets completed.  95% of the approximately 22,000 students appearing on each ELA and Math roster have had their testlets generated; The remaining 5% include, but are not limited to, medically excused. Of all students on rosters, over half have started testing. For both ELA and math, one in five of all students on rosters have completed all of their the testlets. There is an additional 6 - 7 weeks to complete the tests


Grades 3-8 Best Practice/Tech Tips

Nextera Secure Browser Versions: We want everyone to be aware that there have been minor updates to the Windows, Chromebook, and iPad Nextera Secure Browsers (the Mac version of the Nextera Secure Browser has not been updated) for the spring testing administration. These updates are minor “back-end” changes, and do not affect the functionality, user experience, or security of the secure browser. All versions of the Nextera Secure Browser will continue to be supported through math operational testing and field testing. iPads & Chromebooks are updated automatically through an app update, so an uninstall is not necessary.  For Windows machines, the newest Nextera Secure Browser version is 3.3.54 (3.1.0 is the older version that many schools may already have installed from the 2016 field testing administration). If you decide to update Windows machines, please uninstall version 3.1.0 before installing 3.3.54. All Nextera Secure Browser installations can be located at Nextera Admin under Help>Downloads.

We do not anticipate another Nextera Secure Browser update before math operational or stand-alone field testing. If any unforeseen system updates occur that require updates to the secure browser, we will let everyone know as soon as possible. 

Grades 3- 8 CBT Issues

Angelica joined the called to thank everyone for both their time & effort in working to make CBT successful for NYS students.

We understand that some schools may still need to submit Staff_Student_Course for CBT SAFT.

  1. We are working on L2 and Questar to allow for an additional round of data collection for field testing on computers.
  2. Please note that for all CBT data, operational and field testing, we are using Staff_Student_Course data from L2.
  1. Later today, we will be posting registration for a webinar where we will share Lessons Learned from CBT ELA for our CBT Math schools.
    1. Wednesday, April 26th from 9 – 10 am
  2. In about one week, we will post registration for the CBT SAFT Proctor webinar:
    1. Friday, May 12 from 1 – 3 pm
  3. Nextera Admin is open for Math class and student administration:
    1. Begin setting your student test accommodations now
      1. NOTE that “Test Read” is not the computerized “Text to Speech”
        1. We have PPT slides that we will be posting on CBT Support for a “how to” explanation.
      2. Please review all DTCs for your districts
        1. State the process now to have missing DTCs added and any changes made through SEDREF and then through the NYSED or Questar helpdesk.
      3. Practice tests were made available on Monday with log-ins distributed via the CBT Listserv and available on CBT support.
        1. Encourage all schools to practice with the Equation Editor.
          1. This is functionality that many schools and students may not be familiar with
            1. The Equation Editor has been available since October in the Questions Sampler
            2. Now there are two additional practice tests available through the Secure Browser where students can get experience with the Equation Editor.
              1. Know that there is no drawing tool his year (this is on the development roadmap for next year)
              2. Know that there is no stacking tool for Grades 3 and 4