Why do my students keep getting "booted out" of their test sessions?

If you find that students keep getting "booted out" of a test session, please check to confirm that all computer notifications have been disabled on the testing device, such as screen savers or meeting notifications. It is a best practice and also guidance provided during setup and installation of the Nextera Secure Browser that all computer notifications and system updates must be disabled during testing on the Nextera Secure Browser. 

It is a security feature that Nextera will "boot" or "kick" the student out of the test by pausing/logging the student off if the Nextera Secure Browser suspects computer activity on the testing device that is outside of the Nextera Secure Browser. 

If a student is "booted out" of the test during a test session, the Proctor must enter the Proctor PIN to help to student re-access the test.

IMPORTANT: Students must have their testing devices fully charged or use a computer cord during testing in order to avoid "low battery" notifications that will "boot" a student out of the test. The low battery notifications should not be disabled on a testing device--the testing device should be set up to avoid a low battery and subsequent notification situation. 

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