What mathematics tools do students need for state exams?

The table below has been updated for the 2018-19 school year.

You can find a list of mathematics tools for students taking the state exams for math in the School Administrator's Manual (SAM). This list is intended for reference for those schools administering computer-based tests as all tools for CBT are provided online in the Nextera Secure Browser/Test Delivery System. 

Gather Mathematics Tools (SAM)

Schools must furnish protractors and rulers and calculators to each student for his or her exclusive use with the paper-based mathematics tests. Schools must also furnish hand-held calculators to each student for his or her exclusive use for both computer- and paper-based testing. See Appendix E, Mathematics Tools for complete details on the use of rulers, protractors, and calculators.

Each student testing in Grades 5–8 will be provided with a mathematics reference sheet for his or her exclusive use during the tests. For PBT, this sheet is provided as a removable sheet in the front of the student test booklet. For CBT, this sheet is provided as a stand-alone document and must be handed out to students before the test begins. The following table lists required tools that schools must provide for each grade level for the paper-based 2017 Grades 3–8 Common Core Mathematics Tests.

All tools listed below, as well as the mathematics reference sheet, will be available to students testing on the computer through the Nextera® Test Delivery System. Teachers are not responsible for providing these tools to students testing on the computer. Nevertheless, printed reference sheets will be provided for students in grades 5–8 taking the Mathematics CBT. These reference sheets must be handed out for students’ exclusive use during computer-based administration.