How do students "Show their work" for Long Division using the Equation Editor?

For computer-based test questions where students are required to divide and must "Show your work," students may complete the work on scratch paper and then enter the equation and answer in the Equation Editor constructed response box provided. Students will receive full credit for this approach just as they do on paper tests. 

Students may also choose to show additional steps as they complete the division problem. This can be completed using tools available in the equation editor as well as all symbols on the keyboard. See below for an example. Again, this is not required to receive full credit, but it is an option for students to show their work should they choose to present it this way. 

1104 ÷ 48 = 23

For example, the above will be interpreted the same as the below, which is an example entered by using only symbols on a keyboard.


Example of scoring an item that involves division from Scoring Materials, note that the student did not show the division steps associated with 122 ÷ 2 = 61 and received full credit for showing the work :


As in the past, holistic scoring is employed for math questions and students are evaluated on the total, overall, or whole effect of their work based on the rubric and the guide-paper responses. For more information about scoring math questions, please see the following two resources: 

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