Known Issues: Cannot Locate Unassigned Students on Nextera Admin under Students Tab

If you are unassigning a student from the Students Tab by changing the class assignment to "Unassigned," you will find that the student seemingly "disappears" from the Students page. The student will not appear in a list of students for "Unassigned" on the Students page. 

Workaround: To locate a student who you have moved from a class through the Student>Edit>Class function, you must go to the Class to which you want to add the student to locate and add the student to the class through the following steps: 

  1. Click on “Class” tab
  2. Locate the class to which you want to add the student
  3. Click on View for the class you wish to work with
  4. Click on “Edit” to get to the “Edit Class Details” page
  5. Change the “Search by Class” drop down menu to “Unassigned Students”
  6. You will see your missing students in the Search Results on the lower left
  7. You can then select the student and then use the arrow features to add the student to the class