What do you do if your district has a power outage during operational CBT?

If your school or district is without power during operational CBT administration, you should consult the School Administrator's Manual (SAM) for further instruction regarding policy protocol.

SAM, Volume 1, page 37: 

"The make-up dates can also be used to complete the initial administrations in schools that were closed due to religious observance or unexpected events, such as power outages. It is the principal’s responsibility to facilitate testing during the make-up period for those students who did not complete the tests on the regularly scheduled testing dates."

Additionally, the testing irregularities must be reported to the Office of State Assessment: 

SAM, Volume 1, page 48, "Reporting Irregularities and/or Misadministrations":

Pursuant to Section 102.3 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, “Building principals are responsible for administering department examinations and maintaining the integrity of examination content and programs, in accordance with directions and procedures established by the commissioner.” Accordingly, the building principal is responsible for all aspects of the school’s test administration and must take appropriate measures both to prevent, as much as possible, and to investigate all security breaches and irregularities associated with the administration and scoring of the test. In addition, the principal must report the following testing irregularities and misconduct by students, in writing on school letterhead and signed by the principal, to OSA via fax to 518-474-1989 or by contacting OSA email.

  • All interruptions of test sessions, including those caused by power outages, internet service interruptions, or fire alarms.

The report, signed by the principal, must include:

  • The school’s BEDS Code
  • The name and grade of the test
  • A brief description of the incident
  • The number of students affected
  • The New York State Student Identification System (NYSSIS) ID numbers of affected students
  • The principal’s determination as to whether the incident constitutes a misadministration