SAFT: When will test coordinators for CBT field testing have access to Nextera Admin?

Once class/student data is loaded to Nextera Admin, Questar will issue the "Welcome to Nextera" email to district test coordinators (DTCs) that provide login credentials to Nextera Admin. 

The class/student data is expected to be available in Nextera Admin between Wednesday, May 10th to Friday, May 12th. 

If districts are new to CBT for field testing this year and the DTC needs to download and install the Nextera Secure Browser on testing devices, the DTC can contact either Questar Support or CBT Support to request access to Nextera Admin. This early access is for the download of the Nextera Secure Browser only

No student, class, or teacher data should be added manually to Nextera Admin prior to the availability of pre-id data loaded to Nextera Admin by Questar. Please wait to edit student, class, and teacher data until after pre-id data is loaded to Nextera Admin between 5/10-5/12.