Will English version print field test booklets be provided for my students taking the CBT field test in Spanish?

Yes, locations with students that require the Spanish-translated edition will receive printed copies of the English version of the online Spanish translated field test to be used as a reference.

Students must submit their responses online. The English print version will match the Spanish-translated field test that is enabled through the Student edit page in Nextera Admin.

The number of print copies of the accompanying English versions will be sent to schools according to the school’s original order for Spanish-translations submitted in November or December through the NYSED online test ordering system.

If you need additional print copies of accompanying English versions that will match the Spanish-translated online test, then you should submit an Additional Materials Order (AMO) to Questar Customer Support: Phone: 866-997-0695 / Email: NY.3-8.help@questarai.com.

NOTE: You can find steps for setting up students to take the Spanish-language field tests in the following article on CBT Support: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115002592786