Last Day to Enroll Students in Educator Portal for Testing is May 19, 2017

In order for all testing to be completed by the close of the NYSAA testing window on June 2, 2017, all NYSAA-eligible students need to be added to Educator Portal on or before May 19, 2017. 

NYSAA-eligible students who are enrolled in a school after May 19, 2017 and/or students who are newly classified as NYSAA eligible after May 19, 2017 are not required to participate in this year’s ELA and Math NYSAA administration.  Failure to test these students will not affect a school’s accountability as long as these students are not enrolled and do not have a testlet generated

 There are many steps to prepare students and educators for testing. These preparations must be completed in order that testlets can be generated and administered by the close of the testing window on June 2, 2017.   Enrolling students after May 19, 2017 does not ensure adequate time to complete all steps necessary for complete and successful testing.

Please note that it will be possible to enroll students and generate testlets for students enrolled in Educator Portal after May 19, 2017.   The system will not prohibit this.   Please contact if you have a student who is enrolled in Educator Portal after May 19, 2017. NYSED will work with you to correctly exit the student.