FIXED, Known Issue: Nextera Secure Browser Test Login Not Working (Practice / Practice)

5/19/17: The test login of "practice" / "practice" is now fixed for the Nextera Secure Browser. 

The Nextera Secure Browser test login of "practice" / "practice" is not working to test the setup of the secure browser.

On page 38 of the Nextera Setup & Installation Guide, administrators are advised to use this final step of logging into the Nextera Secure Browser with username "practice" and password "practice" to confirm that their installation is complete and working as expected. (Nextera Setup & Installation Guide)

We are working with Questar to correct this issue. 

In the meantime, please use the following logins for testing your installation of the Nextera Secure Browser: 

Username: ela05

Password: practice 

You can find the complete list of practice test logins, which can be used to verify your setup and installation of the Nextera Secure Browser below: 

Math Grade Level Username Password
Grade 3 math03 practice
Grade 4 math04 practice
Grade 5 math05 practice
Grade 6 math06 practice
Grade 7 math07 practice
Grade 8 math08 practice


ELA Grade Level Username Password
Grade 3 ela03 practice
Grade 4 ela04 practice
Grade 5 ela05 practice
Grade 6 ela06 practice
Grade 7 ela07 practice
Grade 8 ela08 practice


You can find more information about Nextera Secure Browser practice test logins in the following FAQs on CBT Support: 

Math Practice Test Logins:

ELA Practice Test Logins: