Communication: Information Sent to CBT Field Testing Districts, 5/15/17

Sent Monday, May 15, 2017

Dear District Test Coordinator,

Student data for CBT field testing has been loaded to Nextera Admin. All schools participating in CBT field testing that also provided student data to NYSED can now log into Nextera Admin to begin organizing classes, setting student testing accommodations, activating user accounts, and other CBT field testing administrative activities. If your school provided class and teacher data to your Level 1, then you will also see classes and teachers. If you only provided student demographic data to your Level 1, then all students will be loaded into the school and can be organized manually on Nextera Admin to fit your district/school testing needs.

The Video Tutorial section on CBT Support contains brief videos to help you learn how to add students, add users, create classes and more on Nextera Admin: You can also find additional guidance, such as checklists and steps to help you navigate Nextera Admin, within the School Test Administrator’s Manual (SAM) for CBT field testing administration:

Additionally, this morning, the Spanish-Language selection for math field tests is available from the student edit page. Selecting “Spanish” for “Testing Language” will provide the student with the Spanish test form as well as a Spanish-Language user interface (all buttons and navigation are translated into Spanish). Please note there is no multi-student edit feature for this testing language accommodation (it is planned for an enhancement next year).

The Tests tab is also available this morning for printing student login tickets. We want to remind schools to treat student login tickets as secure materials. Keep them secure and do not distribute until the day of testing. It is a best practice to wait to print the student login tickets until 24-48 hours before your school will be administering the CBT field tests.

Additional Helpful Resources for CBT Administration:

As a reminder, please contact Questar Support or CBT Support if you have any questions or need any help.

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