FIXED, Known Issue: Some Students Not Displaying on Tests Tab, Students Cannot Access CBT Field Test


FIXED: The issue that was disallowing some ELA TTS students from logging into the CBT field tests on the Nextera Secure Browser is fixed.

An email communication with more information was sent on 5/24 to schools and districts that may have been affected. Schools with ELA students who are using the Text-to-Speech (TTS) accommodation will receive a special shipment of Teacher's Directions to accompany the tests the students will be taking for the ELA CBT field test where ELA students with the TTS accommodation will be provided with the CR4 field test form. Below is an example of the sticker indication that is affixed to the Teacher's Directions shipment:

Original Known Issue:

Update 5/23: This is affecting students who are assigned the Text-to-Speech (TTS) accommodation and are testing in schools that have been assigned the ELA MC or CR2 field test form type.

We have reports from some schools and have verified that some students are not available from the Tests tab on Nextera Admin.

This means that the student is unavailable to have a login ticket printed. Additionally, we have reports that previously added students with printed login tickets cannot log into the CBT field test. The previously printed login tickets are not working and the student is not available from the Tests tab.

We know this is affecting some students with the TTS accommodation set in Nextera Admin. If you have students that have had the TTS test accommodation added--they may not be available on the Tests tab in Nextera Admin. These students will not be able to access their CBT field test. 

Questar is working to correct this as an urgent matter this morning. 

(The report that notes all schools' field test assignments can be located in the following article on CBT Support: