5/12/17 Updates

CBT Weekly Call, 5/12/17         

  1. Class/Student pre-id data is still in validation with Questar.
    1. ETA is Monday, May 15th.
    2. (Expectation is that the data is loaded and verified over the weekend).
  2. The Tests tab is expected to be open for printing student login tickets on Monday, May 15th!
  • Today is the last day of CBT Math makeup period.
    1. Nextera Admin is open for Math administration until EOD Monday, May 15th
      1. Note that the default display in Nextera Admin is now for SAFT, so you may need to change the drop-down menu back to Math to see your CBT Math students
      2. Setting Not Tested Codes
      3. Reviewing for tests that are not submitted (still marked “in progress”)
    2. Spanish Language will be available for CBT field testing student selection on Monday, May 15th!


  1. The test form will be translated as will the user interface (buttons, navigation, etc.)
  2. Students can be assigned the Spanish-language field test from the View Student edit page; change the “Testing Language” field to Spanish in the drop-down menu:
    1. We’re working to provide field testing logistical guidance today about the flexibility schools have to administer field tests:
      1. Field tests do not have to be administered on the same day to every student in the field-testing grade. The school can select to administer the field tests on as many days within the field test window (May 22-June 9).
      2. Additionally, the school is not expected to administer makeup field tests to students who are absent on the day the student's class participated in the field test.
        1. I’m working to get this information onto CBT Support today!
      3. We are finalizing LASR Team member support and locations and will send an update later today to confirm that a RIC location wants a LASR Team member on-site for the suggested time period.