How do we set up students to take the Spanish-language field test?

This year, Spanish-Language field tests are available for math in all grade levels. When a student is set up for the Spanish-language field test, the test form (questions/answers) are translated into Spanish as well as the user interface (buttons, navigation, etc.). Students who have the Spanish-language form will also have the option to click "Spanish" on the Nextera Secure Browser login page to enter their username and password into a translated login page. (Note that there is no multi-student edit functionality for Spanish-language for this year, but we are reviewing this for an enhancement for next year.)

Setting Spanish-Language for Math Field Tests

  1. Navigate to a school within the SAFT administration>Content area "Math"
  2. Click the "Students" tab to see all students and locate the needed student
  3. Click "View" to the right of the student you need from the student results list
  4. On the "View Student" page, click "Edit" to manage the student record
  5. Within the student record information for "Testing Language" (on the left of the record page), select "Spanish" from the drop-down menu
  6. You will find that selecting "Spanish" for "Testing Language" will display the "Testing Language Spanish" icon lower on the page in the "Accessibility and Accommodations Options" list
  7. Click "Save" to complete the setting for the student to have the Spanish-language math field test for the student's grade level 

See below for images from the View Student Edit Record page:

Please note that the Nextera Secure Browser login page will appear in English as the default. Once the student selects "Español," the Spanish login screen will appear.  

You can find information about the delivery of English-version paper tests to accompany the Spanish-language CBT field tests within the following article on CBT Support: