Update: All ELA Text-to-Speech Students Are Taking the CR4 Field Test Form

All CBT field testing students who are taking an English Language Arts (ELA) field test will be taking the test with short- and extended response questions (CR4). This is indicated as form type EN170501 on the Tests tab in Nextera Admin. 

As a result of the CBT field testing Known Issue that was fixed the first week of CBT field testing, all students who are taking the CBT ELA field test and also have the student testing accommodation Text-to-Speech (TTS) will be taking the CR4 (constructed response, 2pt and 4pt) field test. This may differ from other students in the classroom who may be taking the MC (multiple choice) or CR2 (constructed response, 2pt) field tests. 

You can find more details about the CBT field test assignments, their definitions, and a report by school for what CBT field test assignment your school has been assigned in the following article on CBT Support: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115002445923-What-Teacher-s-Directions-Do-I-Use-for-My-School-s-Field-Test-.

For all ELA schools with the CBT ELA field test assignment MC or CR2, they have been sent via postal mail the Teacher's Directions for CR4 to accompany any CBT ELA field testing students using the Text-to-Speech accommodation on computer. The special delivery included the following sticker to identify the Teacher's Directions for ELA TTS: