5/26/17 Updates

CBT Weekly Meeting Notes – 5/26/17


There is one week left in the testing window for both ELA & Math.

As of Wednesday, COB, 84% of students have completed ELA and 82% of students have completed Math.  These figures are comparable to last years at this time.

95% of students have completed at least 1 testlet in either ELA or Math.

We are presently working on training for the new school year.

We will be posting guidance on CBT support as to what needs to be done when testing is completed.


CBT Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

  1. There is a new Known Issue posted to CBT Support: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115002602363-Known-Issue-Login-Tickets-Not-Available-until-7am-the-Next-Day-for-Newly-Created-Students-Who-Are-Added-to-ELA-Classes
    1. There is a delay for newly-created ELA students appearing on the Tests tab to print login tickets or see the student on student rosters for printing student login tickets.
    2. This does not affect students in CBT Math field testing classes.
      1. For instance, a school can create a new student in Nextera Admin, assign the student to a CBT field testing Math class and print a student login ticket to start the student testing within minutes.
      2. For ELA, there is a delay for an overnight process to provide login information to ELA field testing to the student.
    3. We are researching an issue with missing principals in Nextera Admin (the RIC contacted me with the information, MORIC).
      1. As a reminder, principals, DTCs, and Superintendents were imported to Nextera Admin as part of a data flow process in November. If these users were noted in SEDREF, then we will have imported them.
      2. Please let me know if you find missing principals (email cbtsupport@nysed.gov).
  • We are at more than 13% complete for CBT field testing
    1. Nearly 12,000 students have completed their field tests
    2. Field testing runs through June 9
  1. I sent an email communication last night to principals, DTCs, and the CBT RIC Coordinators about an update about the ELA TTS bug that has been corrected: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115002540723-FIXED-Known-Issue-Some-Students-Not-Displaying-on-Tests-Tab-Students-Cannot-Access-CBT-Field-Test
  2. I want to remind all schools and districts to review their DTC and STC information in preparation for CBT field testing: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115001954423-How-do-I-update-the-Test-Coordinator-in-Nextera-Admin-
    1. Contact CBT Support if an updated is needed!
  3. We’re also working with a diocese this week to create a network of the schools under the diocese so that a testing coordinator can help to manage CBT for all the schools in the diocese
    1. I want to note that this is possible—please let me know if you have diocese or archdiocese in your regions that could use a solution to assist with streamlined management of CBT field testing this year.
  • I want to remind everyone to encourage your teachers and test coordinators to send feedback into CBT Support. I try to read every email and share it with my colleagues.
    1. This feedback is instrumental in informing enhancements for next year. We need to know what you need to expand CBT to more schools and students!
  • Finally, I’ll be visiting a school today to observe field testing. If you have any schools that would like to provide an opportunity for NYSED to observe CBT field testing, please contact me! I’m really interested to see CBT in action in a real-live school.