6/2/17 Updates

CBT Weekly Meeting Call Notes – 6/2/17


Today is the final day the test administration window will be open.  Sincere thank you to everyone for making this process so easy.

Stats as of May 31:      

91.4% of 22,400 students have completed their ELA tests

90.4% of 22,486 students have completed their Math tests

To date, 264,000 testlets have been completed

  • Please enter your Special Circumstance/Exit codes by midnight tonight.
  • There will be a survey on CBTSupport asking for suggestions for next year’s testing.


CBT Grades 3 – 8 ELA and Math

  1. We are nearly at 35% of all CBT field testing schools being complete.
  2. Overall, there have been few problems—most of those noted on CBT Support.
  1. We’ve been contacted by some additional RICs/Districts that have discovered schools did not input their “Not Tested” codes for all their CBT students.
    1. Any such instances will be handled in the summer cleanup process.
  2. I’ve received some questions about what a test coordinator needs to do at the end of CBT Field Testing: not much!
    1. Test coordinators should, as a quality assurance step, review that all student tests have been submitted.
      1. If they find tests have not been submitted and the CBT field testing session is over, there are three options:
        1. Have the student log back into her/his test in the Nextera Secure Browser to submit the test. (Preferred option.)
        2. The DTC with another colleague assisting can log into the Nextera Secure Browser as the student to submit the test. (Not the preferred option, but we have had some instances where this is necessary.)
        3. Leave the test session marked as "in progress" -- Questar will note this and force-submit the test at the end of the window. (They provide us with this data for review as a first step.)
      2. Test coordinators can review to see that they have input all “Not Tested” codes, but as a reminder—this is not necessary.
        1. This is a good step to take if the test coordinator wants to mirror the operational CBT experience.