6/9/17 Updates

CBT Call Notes; 6/9/17


Testing has closed as of 6/2.

94.3% of students have completed the ELA testlets

94.0% of students have completed the Math testlets

Students have completed over 268,179 testlets, which is comparable to last year.

Thank you to everyone for making this go so smoothly.

Grades 3 - 8 ELA and Math

  1. Today is the end of the field testing window and the end of CBT testing!
  2. Within the next two weeks, we will be releasing the functionality for districts/schools to access student constructed responses.
    1. This will be functionality offered through Nextera Admin for a student
    2. DTC, STC, and Principals will have access
  • We’re going to re-issue the CBT Admin Survey through the Listserv and on CBT Support so that we can make sure we have all your feedback for informing our enhancement development for next year
  1. We are planning two Roadshow tours next year:
    1. Fall tour to precede or align with the NYSED Online Test Ordering System’s opening
      1. Focus on what’s new along with lessons learned from operational and field testing
    2. Winter/Spring tour for CBT training
      1. Focus on getting your students set up for CBT
      2. Focus on user tips