How can parents view their student's Constructed Responses (CR) for CBT?

Parents who request access to view their student's constructed responses (CR) entered on computer (CBT) can view online at the school or be provided with a print version of the student's CRs. This is available for both ELA and Math. 

Page 51 of the School Administrator's Manual, Volume 1 indicates that all parents have the right to view their student's constructed responses. This is also true for students who test on computer. 

Review of Test Sessions by Students and Parents

For the 2017 Grades 3–8 Common Core English Language Arts or Mathematics Test administration, students and their parents/guardians may be allowed to review only the student’s own responses to open-ended questions in English Language Arts Session 2 and Session 3 and Mathematics Session 3 after the responses have been scored and the scoring window has closed. Parents may be allowed to read passages associated with students’ responses. The review must take place in the presence of school personnel to ensure that the student’s responses are not changed as they are being reviewed. Schools may provide copies of the student’s responses to open-ended questions to parents upon request.

Viewing Constructed Responses for Students Who Tested on Computer

Student Constructed Responses are available via Nextera Admin on the View Student page. To access the student responses, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the Nextera Admin application for the appropriate school and choose “Spring 2017 3-8” as the test window.
  2. Navigate to the Students tab.
    • District Test Coordinator (DTC), School Test Coordinator (STC) and Principals have access to this page.
  3. Search for the student in the list of students.
  4. Click on the View button for that student.

 Screen Shot of View Students Button

  1. Click on the View Constructed Responses button for the appropriate content area (ELA or Math) on the View Student page.

 Screen Shot of Constructed Response Button

  1. A printable view of all of the student’s constructed responses for that content area will open in the browser. The user can decide to view on the screen or print a PDF.
  2. Click Print to print a paper copy of the report.

 screen shot of print button

If you need additional guidance or have any questions concerning accessing student constructed responses via Nextera Admin, please contact Questar’s Customer Support Center by phone at 866-997-0695, or by Questar email.

The communication sent to principals, school leaders, and school superintendents on June 23, 2017 with information about this availability to schools can be viewed from an article in the Announcements section on CBT Support.