12/15/17: Weekly CBT Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 12/15/17

Provided by Kiara Harold, CBT Technical Support

CBT Order update: we have more than 650 orders today on the last day that the NYSED online examination request system is open.

CBT Winter Training Session registration will be posted publicly later today on CBT Support and then noted in the CBT This Week listserv communication. 

Ordering System Closes, End of Day today: the ordering system closes to schools. Get the orders in! Make sure they’re accurate!

  • We want to continue to encourage schools to update their stand-alone field testing (SAFT) format to “Computer-Based SAFT” to participate in field testing on computers.
  • Next steps, next week: NYSED will begin working directly with schools that are missing Lead Scoring Entity information.

Equation Editor Sampler: We are planning to provide an Equation Editor instructional tool to be available after the holidays and before the operational tests (we’ll provide a better timeline as we receive one from Questar).

  • This will be an "empty" Equation Editor where the teacher can post a question on the board or hand it out on paper to her class.
  • The students can solve the problem in the empty Equation Editor (called "Equation Editor Sampler") and discuss how the students interacted with technology to solve the problem.
  • The students could also print the answers for grading by the teacher.

Test Read: Reminder that there is a new accommodation option this year for students with the Test Read accommodation: Read Aloud (by human).

  • We posted an FAQ last week that clarifies the difference: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115005670603
  • When selecting this accommodation in Nextera Admin this spring, it will ensure the student has Form A for their exam so that it matches the proctor’s paper copy for reading the test to the student.
  • With this option, the student is entering her/his responses on computer while having the test read to her/him.