NEW 2023-24: Technology Readiness Checklist - Quick Reference Guide

This document has been updated for the 2023-24 school year.

District Test Coordinators (DTC), District Level Users (DLU), District Information Technology Coordinators (DITC), Superintendents (SUP), Principals (PRN), School Test Coordinators (STC), Building Level User (BLU), or School Information Technology Coordinators (SITC) of a school administering computer-based tests in the spring are required to verify and submit CBT Technology Readiness on the Nextera Admin website by December 29, 2023


The Quick Reference Guide, attached to this article, includes step-by-step instructions for verifying the CBT Technology Readiness Checklist on the school level. All schools administrating computer-based tests in the spring are required to complete and submit CBT Technology Readiness.

If district-level users (DTC,DITC) are verifying for a school or schools in their district, they must first use the "Change" link at the top of Nextera Admin to be recognized as the district AND school. 



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