12/22/17: Weekly CBT Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

Weekly CBT Updates Call, 12/22/17

 Angelica Infante-Green, deputy commissioner, joined to thank schools for their participation in CBT as well as for the hard work and willingness it has taken to move forward with the computer-based testing program. She emphasized that full participation in CBT is a precursor to the State developing adaptive testing. 

  1. The high-level agenda for the CBT Winter Training Sessions has been posted on CBT Support.
  2. We added another layer to our “OODP Onion” this week to consider mixed-format scoring issues: how does a district or school handle scoring if the school is administering CBT but the OODP program where some of its students are enrolled is testing on paper? We will provide guidance in the meeting notes for the four possible scenarios of testing/scoring:

Use Case 1

IF    District is testing on paper

IF    OODP is testing on paper

Scoring: current paper processes are followed.


Use Case 2

IF    District is testing on computer

IF    OODP is testing on computer

Scoring: all students are scored on ScorePoint and the school of instruction, where the student tests, must organize or be part of a CBT Scoring Consortium.


Use Case 3

IF    District is testing on computer

IF    OODP is testing on paper

Scoring: THEN current paper processes for OODP are followed: the district must arrange for scoring the paper booklets


Use Case 4

IF    District is testing on paper

IF    OODP is testing on computer

Scoring: THEN the CBT rules for scoring are followed: the OODP location must arrange for scoring via ScorePoint and must organize or be part of a CBT Scoring Consortium.

  • Keep in mind that there is the potential for there always being some paper testing in a district/school for student test accommodations that require use of paper tests and students testing in low incidence languages.
    • Reminder: with CBT, remember to think of paper answer sheets and arranging for them!
      • If a district is testing on computers, then they may need a process for identifying OODP students testing on paper who need print answer sheets provided to them.

 3. The Data requirements and timeline is posted to the CBT Weekly Updates meeting notes section on CBT Support: Nextera Admin open dates are finalized and confirmed by Questar:

  • Nextera Admin for ELA test administration will open on February 20
  • Nextera Admin for Math test administration will open on March 13
  • This is when students are available in Nextera Admin
  • This is the time for setting up student testing accommodations, creating classes and more

4. But first, the Data Refresh on Nextera Admin is coming: slated for January 12 with all users receiving password reset emails on Tuesday, January 16.

  • This is the time for DTCs and principals to begin creating accounts for other users who will be assisting with CBT test administration, such as Building Level Users (BLU) and District Information Technology Coordinators (DITCs).
    • If you want to start preparing for this new user creation and identifying users and roles in your district and school, then you can consult the article on CBT Support with details about user roles in Nextera Admin.
    • I am working on clear guidance to post to the field about the Data wipe and refresh process. After working through with our working groups, it will be available in the Weekly CBT Updates article location.

 5. More than 650 schools are administering CBT this spring, Currently, more than 550 schools have already verified CBT Technology Readiness!

  • The deadline to verify CBT Technology Readiness is next Friday, December 29th.
  • On January 2nd, we will begin calling district test coordinators for CBT schools to see if they need any help to complete CBT Technology Readiness.
  • On Friday, January 5th, we will begin the process to revert CBT Schools to paper tests that have not verified technology readiness.