When will I see students for my school's CBT administration in Nextera Admin?

Student data is loaded to Nextera Admin from the statewide data warehouse (L2) in order to have students populated to their schools and grade levels ahead of the CBT administration. Students are loaded according to grade level enrollment for every school that has ordered CBT through the NYSED online examination request system. 

Your students will be available in Nextera Admin for setting up class/testing room rosters according to the following dates: 

  • March 4, 2019: students are available for operational CBT ELA
  • April 1, 2019: students are available for operational CBT Math

Once students are available for your school on Nextera Admin, you can begin arranging testing classrooms, setting student testing accommodations, and setting Not Tested Codes, such as "Taking NYSAA" or "Taking Regents."

Students can always be added to Nextera Admin manually through the Students tab after the above dates for each CBT administration. 

The full details about student data populated to Nextera Admin is available on CBT Support in the Weekly Updates section

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