Will there be a statewide webinar for folks who cannot attend one of the CBT Fall Presentation Sessions in person?

Yes, there will be a statewide webinar on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 to provide the same content to folks throughout the state as will be presented at the CBT Fall Presentation Sessions. (Tentatively scheduled for 10:00am to 12:00pm.) The statewide webinar on 10/18 will be recorded and posted online at CBT Support within 48 hours of the webinar event. 

We will post registration for the CBT Fall Presentation Sessions' statewide webinar in mid-September. We are not recording the CBT Fall Presentation Sessions but are instead offering the webinar event, as we did with last year's CBT training sessions. 

The webinar will provide the opportunity for attendees to ask questions directly to NYSED and Questar colleagues. Additionally, we will use questions that are chatted to us during the webinar to develop an FAQ to post on CBT Support.