What are the requirements for ordering computer-based tests (CBT) in Spring 2018?

The requirements to administer computer-based tests (CBT) for 2018 are the same as the 2017 requirements. Districts/Schools can choose to administer computer-or paper-based tests in the NYSED Online Test Ordering System this fall, according to the following requirements: 

  • When submitting their orders, schools will have the option to choose the test mode (computer or paper) by subject and grade level
    • All students in a selected subject/grade will take the test on computer
  • Schools that order CBT for any subjects/grade levels will provide their Lead Scoring Entity during the ordering process
    • Schools that choose CBT but do not input their Lead Scoring Entity during the ordering process will be marked as "pending" in the ordering system until the Lead Scoring Entity is submitted by the school.
    • NYSED's Office of State Assessment will try to contact any schools that order CBT and have a "pending" status for their Lead Scoring Entity
  • Schools will verify Tech Readiness to administer CBT on Nextera Admin, the CBT administration website provided by Questar
  • All students in a selected subject/grade, excepting those requiring a testing accommodation that is not available in CBT, will take the test on computer
  • Schools will select format (paper/computer) for stand-alone field testing
  • Decisions from 2017 do not affect decisions for 2018, except that the lead scoring entity from 2017, will appear as the default lead scoring entity for the 2018 tests only for those schools that administered 2017 operational tests via CBT. These schools will be able to revise the lead scoring entity for 2108 CBT scoring if they choose to do so.

For more information about the Lead Scoring Entity, please review the article about lead scoring entities.

For the CBT Technology Readiness requirements and guidelines, please see the CBT Technology Readiness Checklist on CBT Support.