What are the requirements for ordering computer-based tests (CBT) to administer in my school?

The requirements and guidelines for administering computer-based tests (CBT) are available on the CBT Technology Readiness Checklist.

For the third year this spring, districts/schools can choose to administer computer-or paper-based tests in the NYSED online examination request system this fall. The following details about ordering may help you to prepare for ordering your computer-based tests: 

  • When submitting orders, schools will have the option to choose the test format (computer or paper) by subject and grade level.
    • When selecting computer, all students in a selected subject/grade will take the test on computer.
      • Schools can choose to test only one subject and one grade level for CBT (which may help with taking the first step to transition to CBT). 
      • Students in a CBT grade level may have an IEP or 504 Plan that requires testing on paper. 
  • Schools that order CBT for any subject(s)/grade level(s) will provide their Lead Scoring Entity during the ordering process:
    • Schools that choose CBT but do not input their Lead Scoring Entity during the ordering process will be marked as "pending" in the ordering system until the Lead Scoring Entity is submitted by the school.
    • NYSED's Office of State Assessment will contact any schools that order CBT and have a "pending" status to update their Lead Scoring Entity before the ordering system closes.
  • Schools will verify Technology Readiness to administer CBT on Nextera Admin, the CBT administration website provided by Questar.
    • Questar will send a "Welcome to Nextera" email to principals within 24-48 hours after submitting a CBT test order. 
  • When ordering operational tests, schools will also select format (paper/computer) for stand-alone field testing (SAFT). 
  • Decisions from a previous test administration do not affect decisions for the next test administration (schools are not "locked in" to a previous year's CBT decision).
  • The Lead Scoring Entity will be populated for a school in the test ordering system from previous CBT administrations.
    • Schools can update/change the lead scoring entity if there has been a change to the scoring arrangement at the school.   

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