9/22/17: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Update Call, 9/22/17

 Data on Nextera Admin

  1. Updating DTCs: if you want to provide districts with a date, that date to have updates into SEDREF is October 2nd.
    • Remember users can always be added or edited manually on Nextera Admin if there is a change to the district test coordinator or principal after the Statewide Org data pull.
  2. All user data will be removed and refreshed on Nextera Admin, we call this a “data wipe," and we are still working on specific dates with Questar.
    • Org data
    • Student data
  3. There will be a new Reports tab on Nextera Admin for access to student constructed responses that were entered on computer.

 CBT Technology Readiness Checklist: It’s new!

  1. We have updated the checklist in the same article location as last year’s CBT Technology Readiness Checklist so that links continue to work if districts/schools have materials with this URL on it.
  2. Major changes for this year:
    • Lead Scoring Entity
    • Mouse/touchpad/touchscreen
    • Considerations for wireless network access
    • Suggestions about coordinating with DTC and STC roles
    • Making sure staff know where/how to find CBT materials
    • The requirement that students who will be taking a NYS 3-8 ELA and/or math assessment on computer should have regular interaction with technology, such as keyboarding, as part of their standard instruction.

 Question Sampler

New practice tests are available now on the publicly available Question Sampler. A memo will be released soon with specific details and screen shots to show how to access.

  1. Three practice tests are available for every subject/grade level, including test accommodations.
  2. Three math practice tests are available for translated languages.
  3. We will be releasing Text-To-Speech practice tests soon; they have been delayed due to issues with some pronunciations in the ELA passages.
    • Questar is working this week to address those pronunciation issues so that we can release soon.

 Tech Updates: What We Know Now

  1. There will be a required uninstall and install process for Windows and Mac Nextera Secure Browser applications.
    • Additionally, we believe there will not be a mass-device-install process for Mac computers, such as with Kiosk mode on Chromebooks. We want to let you know this now. (This means the Secure Browser will need to be installed one device at a time by a technical coordinator.)
  2. The Chromebook and iPad Secure Browser applications update automatically, and, therefore, do not require an uninstall/install process. (And should never require an uninstall/install process.)
  3. Secure Browser updates will be available from Nextera Admin in January.
    • Until then, we ask that new schools who will need to verify Tech Readiness by installing and testing the secure browser simply go through the verification process on one or two computers. For instance, don’t deploy the Nextera Secure Browser install to all computers in your school during Technology Readiness—wait for the January news from NYSED and Questar.

 CBT Fall Presentation Sessions kick off in Canton NY (St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES) on Wednesday, September 27.

  1. Registration is still open for 5 of our on-site locations.
  2. Registration is closed for the NERIC location on October 4th. (They reached capacity, and we are working with NERIC to offer an additional presentation session in October, TBD.)
  3. We will post the PPT slides for the presentation to CBT Support in Resources on the morning of the first presentation.
  4. Registration for the Statewide Webinar being held on October 18th is now posted on CBT Support: 


Questions from the Field / Answers from NYSED:

  1. What is the date that districts should have DTC updates into SEDREF? 
    • October 2nd. We are working to pull the Statewide Org data file from SEDREF to provide to Questar the week of October 2nd. 
  2. Are schools that are planning to administer only CBT field testing required to verify CBT Technology Readiness? 
  3. Do last year's CBT field testing schools with Mac computers that installed the Nextera Secure Browser have to uninstall and install the Nextera Secure Browser for the 2017-18 CBT test administration? 
    • Yes. Any schools that test students on Mac computers will need to uninstall and re-install the updated Nextera Secure Browser for the 2017-18 CBT test administration. 
    • All schools should wait to make updates to existing Secure Browsers, if required (Mac and Windows OS) until January of the testing year. 
    • All schools that do not already have the Nextera Secure Browser installed should wait for January of the testing year to install. 
    • If a school that is new to CBT this year needs to install and test the Nextera Secure Browser in order to verify CBT Technology Readiness, the school should do so to test 1-2 computers and wait on the install for all student testing devices until January of the testing year. 
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