CBT High-Level Timeline, 2017-18

The following table provides a high-level timeline for significant events, such as system openings and data data deadlines, for CBT, 2017-18. We are providing this based on feedback from the field and will add more dates and timeframes as they become available. The Testing Schedule is available from the Office of State Assessment website

Important CBT Dates/Timeframes**



New Practice Tests available in the online Question Sampler


Available Now

NYSED online examination request system opens


Available Now

CBT Technology Readiness opens for Principals at schools that have ordered CBT

November 2017

Student Data should be available in L2 for loading to Nextera Admin

December 15

NYSED online examination request system closes

December 15

CBT Technology Readiness closes

December 29


CBT Students loaded to Nextera Admin

ELA: February 20, 2018

Math: March 13, 2018

Updates to the Nextera Secure Browser finalized and available to the field   

January 2018

All Practice Tests available in the Nextera Secure Browser

January-February 2018

Other user roles’ access to Nextera Admin

  • Other users will need access once students are loaded into Nextera Admin, so we will run a campaign to make sure our operational CBT schools are activating and creating new users.

January-February 2018

Stand-Alone Field Testing (SAFT) assignments distributed to the field

March 2018

**All timeframes are still estimates. We are working on confirmation with Questar.

Updated 1/24/28 to adjust Nextera Admin open dates and practice test availability timeframe.