CBT Fall Statewide Webinar, October 18, 2017, Q&A

The below table provides the questions with answers that were asked by participants during the Statewide CBT Webinar held on October 18, 2017 that provided the same content as the Regional CBT Fall Presentation Sessions. 

The presentation slides can be found on CBT Support in the "Resources" section. 

 NYSED Additional Comment
Where can I get the copy of the powerpoint?
The presentation is located on CBT Support in the "Resources" section. 

 You will find both PPT slides and a PDF that can be downloaded. 

When will CBT be available for Regents exams?
This is unknown at this time. We will share info when it is available.
Our plans are to focus on development of the Grades 3-8 ELA and math exams first. 
Can a student switch from TTS to Human Reader if they are having an issue with the TTS?
They can. We hope this doesn't happen, but we realize it may happen. In this instance, the proctor should assist the student with copying answers from the TTS online test into the Test Read paper booklet. Both TTS and Test Read are Form A.
 It is very important to make sure students have experience with practice tests.
How do student CBT test results compare to results of students who took the paper/pencil test? Were there more or less level 3/4 students on paper/pencil or CBT?
The scales score charts that show the difference in raw score to scale score conversions for PBT and CBT are available on the Information and Reporting Services website.  
The CBT testing for this school year would be used for true test results and no paper tests would have to be administered while testing on computers?
Yes, if ordering operational CBT assessments for 2018, paper will not be sent. This is the same requirement as 2017 for those schools who chose operational CBT.
There will always be some instances where students will test on paper, such as low incidence languages and students with test accommodations that require paper.
If we already ordered paper copies can we still sign up for CBT.
Yes, you can make changes until early December 2017.
 A school can always access the ordering system to make updates until the ordering system closes (slated for 12/18/17 this year). 
How can I sign up for the CBT Listerv? 
To join the listserv, please see the Listerv Article on CBT Support
Note that we only allow email addresses from NYS educational organizations.
Will the scratch pad be operational for the Math Assessment this spring?
Students will be provided with blank paper and graph paper during CBT testing.
While we are working on development of a drawing tool for CBT Math, we do not believe Questar will have it available this year. 
Is there going to be a manual with instructions on how to enter and move around students in the nextera system?
Yes, and if you would like to review last year's manual please visit the Test Manuals for School Administrators and Teachers webpage from the Office of State Assessments website
Volume One from last year has Nextera Admin screens and how-to steps. New manuals are available in the spring. 
I know there is the option to have a passage read aloud but is it possible for just 1 sentence to be read aloud?
Sarah - There is an option to 'play from here' which can be used to play a specific sentence. We recommend using the Question Sampler available now to determine if it will work for your students.
How do the IEP Accomodations equate to the new Accomodations for CBT
The wording is not a direct one-to-one with IEP or a 504 plan. Info can be found on CBT Support  or in the 2017 School Administrators Manual on OSA website.
The CSE should work together to determine the best way to deliver a testing accommodation in CBT. 
If we were using CBT last year will we have to go through the Test Readiness again this year?
Yes, principals of CBT schools will need to verify Technology Readiness every year.
Does school mean district or individual schools within a district? Can one elementary school choose ELA and another elementary school choose math?
Correct. This is a school-level or building-level choice.
Aside from the practice tests, is there any other place teachers can find the specific math toolbar to have students use for showng their work?
There are images in the 2017 School Administrators Manual. But other than that - No.
Are Practice tests available to anyone, or does a district have to commit to CBT in order to access Practice tests?
The Question Sampler is publicly available to everyone. The test forms in the Question Sampler are exactly what will be in the secure browser later in the year.
Can you order both paper and CBT (the principals) if some students need paper tests based on test accommodations?
All students in a grade that will be administering CBT should test on computer, but there will always be instances where some students need to test on paper, such as for testing accommodations that require paper and low incidence languages.   
Curious how you define students "liked" the various math tools, given comparability study demonstrates performance on the math computer test was lower than on the paper test?
From the feedback we received after operational testing and from our observances of testing in schools, students indicated to us that they "liked" the CBT platform. The students indicated that they liked the highlighter, the line reader, the protractor, and the ruler as well as other features within the computer-based testing platform.
What happens when a school encounter internet problems while testing
The students' test answers are saved to the student's testing device. There is an online/offline indicator on the Secure Browser and also an indication in Nextera Admin. The student will not be able to submit the test, but the answers will be saved so that when the internet access is restored, the student can submit the test. 
If we are scoring in district and also giving the test in all 4 of our schools, will we be able to separate the tests in the portal to be scored by the 3 other schools, or will they only be available as a whole grade level- whole district group of papers?
The constructed responses will be "served" to scorers based on BEDS Code. Scorers are given login tickets associated to their BEDS Code, which ensures the scorer is only scoring students from other schools/BEDS Codes.
ScorePoint will "serve" individual constructed items instead of the scorer seeing an entire booklet. 
I didn't notice on the toolbar, can the font be made larger for students?
Yes, there is a zoom in, zoom out, and zoom reset button. 
Can students take the question sampler within the secure browser?
There will be practice tests in the secure browser beginning in January,Yes, they can. There is a flyer on CBT Support that provides information on how to access all practice tests, including those available in the Nextera Secure Browser. To download or to view, please visit, Flyer: CBT Practice tests Information in CBT Resources on CBT Support. .
 The same practice tests available now in the online Question Sampler will be available in the Secure Browser in January. There are more practice tests available in the Question Sampler right now (three per subject/grade level). 
Is there a button or warning in CBT, for lab aides to tell them when kids are answering questions too quickly?? NWEA added this for Fall 2017 and teachers love it
We are working with our vendor to provide a suite of reports to schools. Some reports will be shown in the presentation shortly.
We do not have this feature. Proctors will be able to see how many questions a student has answered while she/he is active in the test. 
Can you line read and highlight together?
No, Highlighting is not available when the line reader is in use.
We have heard that our schools want this, so we will investigate for next year.
Is the comparability study published anywhere? If not, will it be?
It is not posted yet but will be.
The scales score charts that show the difference in raw score to scale score conversions for PBT and CBT are available on the Information and Reporting Services website.  
For the schools that moved to operational testing last year, did they see an increase in number of students testing?
We don't have any information on this. 
Can the scoring consortia be changed while the test order window is open?
Yes, all scoring consortia information (Lead Scoring Entity and Scoring Director) can be updated while the NYSED online examination request system is open.  The ordering system is slated to close on December 15, 2017.
What happens if a Test Read student does switch from CBT to PBT- do they have to do the questions they did over again after switching?
Decision on whether testing with the computer provided text-to-speech or human reader must be made before testing begins.
In this instance, the proctor should assist the student with copying answers from the TTS online test into the Test Read paper booklet. Both TTS and Test Read are Form A.
Where do we find the list of the accomodations?

See last year's School Administrators Manual, by visiting, The Office of State Assessments Test Manuals for School Administrators and Teachers webpage

We also have an article on CBT Support with more details on how to set testing accommodations
How will students respond in Arabic for ENL?
Students in low incidence alternate language populations will test on paper. Only the five translated languages offered on the NYSED online examination request system in paper will be offered online.
Via oral translation from the paper English test.
Is Educational Vistas a scoring vendor?
Yes. Also known as EdVista. 
Ed Vistas is available for selection in the NYSED online examination request system. 
How does scribing work with CBT?  The student will answer the test question and the scribe will write it down on a piece of paper. The student will check the answer on the paper before the scribe enters the answer into the computer-based test response boxes. 
Is there an anticipated date NY will go CBT?
The goal is 2020. But the requirement has not been set at this time.
The Department is working now to set the requirement. 
Thank you....I realize kids were provided with blank paper and scrap paper in 2017. Will the scratch pad be operational for Math Assessment in 2018?
No, we do not anticipate that the drawing tool from Questar will be available this spring for the operational computer-based tests. 
Students taking CBT will be provided with scratch paper again this year. 

I know there is the option to have a passage read aloud but is it possible for just 1 sentence to be read aloud?

The text-to-speech player does allow for sections to be read but not just 1 sentence. For additional information on the Question Sampler to view or to test, please visit the Question Sampler webpage on New York State Education Department's website
How does a school with 500 students in 1 grade level test their students in 1 session?
It may be possible depending on number of devices and your technology available. But we can discuss this further, please email CBT Support cbtsupport@nysed.gov for assistance.
Is the question sampler a mechanical practice test - or just sample questions?
These test questions in the Question Sampler are all previously-released New York State operational test questions.
The Question Sampler is publicly available online. We recommend the Chrome Browser for the best experience.
What is the tech readiness deadline?   December 29, 2017. CBT Technology Readiness will open on Nextera Admin in November. 
In a high transiency district, this December deadline is challenging. We are working on new features for Nextera Admin that will make adding new students and moving students into classes easier this year. Also, there are downloadable reports that can make it easier to manage students in Nextera Admin.  
Why isn't the variant the default view for the scorer? That seems to be a better view of what the students have intended as their response. We have heard this feedback before and will be reviewing this year for ScorePoint.  
Do students have the option of refusing to take the test The school will use a "Not Testing Code" in Nextera Admin to mark a student refusal.  
Referencing bullet 2 on transition checklist step 1...it was stated on the previous slide that some students can do PBT, so can a couple of students from a grade do PBT (the students with IEP's.) All students in a selected grade should be tested via CBT if the school chooses CBT. Their will be exceptions for students needing Braille, Large Type, or according to the students IEP or 504 which specifically says must test on paper, also for student who need an oral translation of Math. Also, student in low incidence language populations may need to test on paper in a CBT classroom. 
Quick clarification question to the question about testing in intervals. When you say the entire school needs to test the same session on the same day - is this true for all grades? For example, can all of grade 3 test one day and then all of grade 4 test the next day? The operational testing window for CBT is 6 calendar days. If the school is testing two grades on CBT. They can administer grade 3 on the first two of the 6 days and then grade 4 on days three and four of the 6 day testing window.   
Can you share that citation to show the scores on PBT vs CBT ? Raw score to scale score conversion charts can be found on the English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Assessment Results page on the Information and Reporting Services website  
Is it still true that Text-to-Speech cannot be enabled once the students starts the exam without resetting the students exam and losing any answers previously entered? Yes, this is still true. All testing accommodations must be set prior to the student starting the computer-based test. Our test forms are spiraled, so only students with testing accommodations set are getting the form that aligns to a paper test form for an accommodation. We will address problems with setting TTS last year in the Q&A portion. The multi-student edit in Nextera Admin can be used once on a group of students to set multiple accommodations. Using this feature again to add an accommodation will overwrite the previous accommodation settings. We are trying to correct this experience this year by making it clearer on Nextera Admin for how this feature works. 
Can schools score in house? or do we have to send them out to be scored? Schools cannot score their own CBT responses. But must form a constoria of at least 3 schools, and not all need to be CBT schools. Two schools could be paper-based testing schools and one CBT. You do not need to send them out to a scoring vendor.  
Can a student go between English and Spanish as they can with paper testing? Students testing on an alternate language CBT will be sent a paper English version of the test.  
When the Math is read aloud does it speak the symbols correctly and the numbers all together....such a five thousand two hundred and twenty as opposed to 5-2-2-0? Yes, please access the publicly available Question Sampler to review how Text-to-Speech reads mathematical symbols.   
What is the name of the software that schools are using? Questar is the testing company, and their software is called "Nextera": Nextera Secure Browser and Nextera Admin system. The scoring software from Questar is called "ScorePoint."  
We are planning to start all of our test read (text to speech) students in one room. If we determine during testing that we are going to switch to the paper version, will the paper version mirror the online version? The students who are taking TTS in Nextera will be using "Form A" for Test Read, which is the same form in the paper tests. The tests will match.  
Is there a button for lab aides to see if students answering too quickly like NWEA has? No, Nextera Admin does not have this feature, but the proctor can see the student's progress through the test, such as the student has answered 10/30 questions. Also, there is a time stamp visible in Nextera Admin after the student submits the test.  
Is 2020 going to be full implementation or is there talk of this being moved back? 2020 is the goal, and the Department is working now to set the requirement.  
Is nextera secure browser required for Question Sampler? No - this is publicly available on the Web.  We recommend the Chrome Browser for use of the Question Sampler
How does use of word prediction play in to the ELA test? Please send your question to CBT Support for assistance. We recommend that schools can work with the CSE to determine if a similar situation to scribing will work: the student types the answer on a device with the word prediction software and a scribe transfers the answer to the computer-based test response box.  
Where can I find tools for the equation editor? This is currently available in our Question Sampler. You can also find the list of buttons offered last year for the equation editor in the Definitions: Equation Editor Button Functions article on CBT Support in the CBT Resources section: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115002208686-Definitions-Equation-Editor-Button-Functions.  
If we have 60 computers, can students take the tests in intervals for a cohort group of, say grade 4 students, of 180 students? The entire school needs to test the same session on the same day. Running 3 groups through the day may not work given that the exams are untimed.  
Math teachers continue to ask "how do students show their work?" They use the Equation Editor.  
How do we upload to EdVista? You would not need to do anything except indicate that EdVista is your scoring vendor. SED and Questar will electronically route the responses for scoring to the vendor. Schools select their Lead Scoring Entity when ordering CBT in the NYSED online examination request system. Ed Vistas is an option under "Scoring Vendors." 
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