Guidance on Keyboarding Instruction

We advise as part of CBT training as well as on the CBT Technology Readiness Checklist that students must have regular interaction with technology as part of their standard instruction, specifically keyboarding skills for typing constructed responses both for ELA and math as part of the computer-based tests. 

The Office of Educational Technology & Design has released Guidance on Keyboarding Instruction for 2017 with specific keyboarding expectations for students by grade level. 


Keyboarding Instruction

As the use of technology for teaching, learning, and assessment becomes more prevalent in New York State schools, and as teachers and leaders continue to make decisions that ensure their students are receiving a quality, 21st Century education, the topic of keyboarding instruction will and must emerge as a focus area.

Keyboarding, the ability to operate a keyboard efficiently while typing, is an important skill that allows students to write fluently and communicate more effectively, and is critical to success in school, college, and careers in the 21st Century.

The newly-adopted NYS Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards include expectations for keyboarding instruction in the Production and Range of Writing section for all grades P-12 that offers an incremental year-by-year approach to developing effective keyboarding skills, as follows:

The complete keyboarding guidance is available on the Keyboard Guidance page on the Office of Educational Design & Technology. 



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