11/10/17: Weekly CBT Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Update Call, 11/10/17

  1. New FAQs: There are a few new FAQs out there that I’ll send links to in the CBT Listserv message later today.
  2. Technology Readiness is Available: We have a soft launch of the CBT Technology Readiness page on Nextera Admin.
    • We have a lot of users writing into us, so we have this available for principals to verify Technology Readiness, but we do not want this announced until after the data refresh.
    • The purpose of the soft launch is to allow those principals who are ready and want to verify Technology Readiness to be able to do that now.
      • These are principals and technology coordinators who are writing to Questar or CBT support.
      • Principals that are new this year will not be available in Nextera Admin and will need new accounts created.
        • Questar Support will be able to confirm on SEDREF to create new accounts in Nextera Admin for new school principals.
        • Principals that verify Technology Readiness before the data wipe/refresh will not have to verify Technology Readiness again on Nextera Admin--Questar will persist Technology Readiness that is verified prior to the data wipe/refresh. 
  3. IMPORTANT: After the data wipe and refresh for 2017-18 organization and user data, all users will have to activate accounts and reset their passwords.
    • Additionally, users created manually last year, such as BLUs, DITCs, will be missing and need to be recreated by the DTCs and STCs.
  4. Known Issue: There was a Nextera release last night that introduced a bug into the Question Sampler math constructed response (CR) boxes. The boxes extend (to infinity and beyond) off the screen on the right. There is also a scroll bar at the bottom. This is occurring on all math CR boxes in the Question Sampler.
    • Please advise any schools who comment on this that it is a known issue and will be fixed. The math CR boxes should fit neatly on screen for students.


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