11/17/17: Weekly CBT Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Update Call, 11/17/17

  1. More than 300 schools have ordered CBT!
  2. The CBT Winter Roadshow on-site locations have been announced on CBT Support.
    • We will send invitations to our RICs to distribute to their operational CBT schools a week before posting registration live on CBT support (like a private sale!).
    • We want to encourage on-site attendance for the winter training sessions—this will provide the best training experience for our operational schools.
    • The Statewide Webinar that repeats the winter training content will be held on Monday, February 12th.
  3. We’ve been focusing on trying to provide as much guidance on CBT testing accommodations as possible on CBT Support as well as posting other helpful information:
  4. We are still waiting on a date from Questar for CBT Technology Readiness to launch.
  5. We are still waiting on a date from Questar for the data wipe/refresh to take place on Nextera Admin.
  6. What else is needed from NYSED to help support our districts and schools with making CBT ordering decisions?
  7. We mentioned the other week that a RIC or BOCES can contact me to schedule an hour Q&A session.
    • NERIC took advantage of this and polled districts for questions ahead of time to prepare me, so we only talked about those topics relevant to the district/school colleagues attending the session.
    • Please consider this if you have any districts or schools that are not quite sure if they are ready or they have outstanding questions that are keeping them from feeling fully confident in a CBT decision.